Who We Are:

We are breeders and pet owners who want to make sure that no Smooth or Wire Fox Terrier in Oklahoma or surrounding states is abused or abandoned, and that no adoptable Oklahoma or nearby Fox Terrier is destroyed.  We work in conjunction with American Fox Terrier Rescue, Inc.   AFTR is a 501c-3 non-profit organization. 

Our Mission:

To prevent the cruelty, abuse or neglect of fox terriers

To enhance the lives of our adopters by adding unconditional love to their lives

To provide rescue services, rehabilitation, and medical treatment for fox terriers 

To place rescued dogs in appropriate homes

To furnish information, education and support to fox terrier owners.

What is Rescue?

Rescue volunteers find Fox Terriers in public and private shelters. Some owners contact us directly when they can no longer keep a pet.  If an owner contacts us, we do everything we can to help the family and the Fox Terrier stay together.  If this is not possible, we help the family place the Fox Terrier, or we take in the dog and work to find it a new home.

Dogs coming from shelters are taken in by volunteers,  evaluated for adoptability, given any necessary veterinary care, spayed or neutered, and  placed  in a foster home until he or she is ready for  adoption and a "forever" home.

Why Dogs Come in to Rescue

The Fox Terriers come to rescue for many reasons.  Some simply are lost, and neither the owners nor the breeders can be found.  Others have had their owners die or become incapacitated. Sometimes a new baby has arrived, and the family feels it must give up the dog.  Sometimes the owners are moving overseas or across the country.  Occasionally, the owners purchased a Fox Terrier without knowing much about the breed or without thinking about the time commitment that dog ownership requires.  In a few cases, a Fox Terrier is in rescue because of abuse, and special care is taken before an adoption can take place.

Dogs Available for Adoption: Click here to see them!

Thanks for your interest in Fox Terrier Rescue.  The procedures we follow are:

1. Fill out the adoption application and send it back (email or snail mail is fine).

2. The applications are read and then we strive to match a rescue dog that will fit your needs/desires and also be beneficial to the dog as well.  Dogs are NOT placed on a first come/first serve basis.  The application is lengthy because we work hard  to match dogs in forever homes.

3. A home visit will be scheduled at a time that is convenient for you. If possible, the rescue dog will come as well.

4. The best family for that particular fox terrier is chosen after an evaluation of all factors.

5. Once we decide on a dog for you, we will arrange transportation. 

6. The new family will asked to sign an Adoption Contract and provide a monetary donation.  Donations are applied towards  veterinary costs (all dogs are up to date on shots, spayed/neutered, wormed and on heart guard heartworm prevention, most are also groomed).

7. Fox Terrier  Rescue will make routine follow-up visits (either phone, email or in person) to assure that the forever-home be successful and to resolve any questions before they become problems.

8. All new adopters agree to return the dog to Fox Terrier Rescue if any conditions prevent them from keeping their adoptive dog.